LIGO Epics Controls Log Interface -- Hanford

conlogger is not running -- contact Peter Shawhan (Work: 626-395-2166; Home: 626-564-1687) and/or Dave Barker or Lisa Bogue

Display control settings AT a specified time
Display LAST CHANGE BEFORE a specified time
Date (yyyy/mm/dd) Time (hh:mm:ss) UTC   Central   Pacific
OR: Time (sssssssss) GPS

Display control setting DIFFERENCES comparing two times
Display all control setting CHANGES BETWEEN two times

Find CLEAN LOCKED STRETCHES (no longer works properly)     in H1H2, at least seconds long
Find UP TIMES (GRB/supernova watch)
Find SCIENCE DATA (marked "GO" by operator)
Display VALUE OF A SINGLE CHANNEL during science data segments
FROM Date (yyyy/mm/dd) Time (hh:mm:ss) UTC   Central   Pacific
TO Date (yyyy/mm/dd) Time (hh:mm:ss)
OR: FROM Time (sssssssss) GPS
TO Time (sssssssss)

Systems to include:   (if no boxes are checked, all systems will be included)
      LHO 2k:   PSL   IO   SUS   ASC   LSC
      LHO 4k:   PSL   IO   SUS   ASC   LSC
      LHO site:   PEM   Vacuum   Optics_Test_Stand   Illuminators   Picomotors   Other

Channel name, or partial name, to MATCH:     (case-insensitive; can be a space-separated list; "glob"-style wildcards OK)
    Require exact match to end of channel name

Channel name, or partial name, to EXCLUDE:     (case-insensitive; can be a space-separated list)

This interface executes the script /cvs/cds/lho/conlog/bin/conlog.
For detailed documentation, see /cvs/cds/lho/conlog/doc/conlog.doc
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